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Super Mario: Absolutely everything on the sequel to Odyssey and Galaxy – Nintendo Switch, Wii U, release date and more

There has been a lot of talk from Nintendo fans as to when the next 3D Mario adventure will be announced.

We have pulled together all of the known information as well as rumours and speculation on the sequel to both Super Mario Odyssey and Galaxy 2.

We will be updating the page regularly so stay posted!

We could be seeing a Super Mario Odyssey sequel soon

Both of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest titles so far have been hugely successful and have had extremely positive reviews.

By extremely positive we really mean this.

Both the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey have a Metacritic score of 97.

Likewise, both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 hold a score of 97.

Both Super Mario Galaxy games are amongst the highest rated of all time

This puts all four games within the brackets of the top ten games of all time.

This can mount to a lot of pressure when working on a sequel.

With such a beloved franchise like Mario, mistakes can’t be made.

Fans want to see the return of more OG enemies

Why a sequel is likely

Nintendo has not yet fallen into the triple-A trap of releasing a new game every year.

It was always a concern for fans that Nintendo may go down the route of Call of Duty, Assasins Creed and sports titles like FIFA and NBA2K.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 however, was released three years following the first edition to raving reviews and commercial success.

Since then all we have had is Odyssey.

It is well known that Nintendo will not release a game until they have sufficient good ideas for the title.

Our money is with the majority of Mario fans on their 100% being a sequel in the works.

So many characters!

Some new faces and some old ones

The introduction of Cappy into Odyssey bodes well for the revitalisation of the series, with such a well-loved character it would be a sin not to reprise the spritely hat companion in a sequel to the game.

Likewise, the overall lack of classic Super-Mario enemies in the title made fans of the series almost certain that there would be a sequel with these well-loved baddies that we have got used to.

The new Yoshi game arrives in 2019

Could the next game be a much smaller title?

The last side-scrolling 2D Mario game was released in 2015 for IOS and Android.

Super Mario Run went down pretty well with fans and Nintendo don’t mind milking the successful side-scrolling format that Mario games originated from.

The next title for the Switch could very easily be in this format and not the 3D Mario fans adore.

Also, as Super Mario Odyssey was nor ported for the Wii U we can excpect to see no further sequels being released on the dated platform.

Another instalment of the side-scrolling Mario could disappoint some fans

What other information should we know?

Since Super Mario Odyssey we have only Mario Tennis Ace, however, there is a new side-scrolling Yoshi title that is coming out in 2019.

As Yoshi was not prominently featured in Super Mario Odyssey, we would expect him to have a bigger cameo in a sequel.

If the quirky dinosaur is getting his own stand-alone game in 2019 though, this may ruin that idea.