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Arsenal fans can’t decide whether Unai Emery’s new training is revolutionary or a big joke

It’s so unlike Arsenal’s fan base to be split.

Even though they got their wish and Arsene Wenger was replaced with Unai Emery, the fans just can’t help but have a moan.

The usually coherent bunch are currently squabbling between themselves over something as mundane as pre-season training.

Getty - Contributor Arsene Wenger looks different[/caption]

The argument all stemmed from Arsenal’s media channel uploading videos of the players returning back for pre-season training this week.

An eight minutes long video was the first one which suitably whetted fans’ appetites for life under Emery.

The video featured all the players arriving back at the training ground and familiarising themselves with each other once again – “you alright mate?”

You also got to see Petr Cech jumping

This first upload was a surprise to Arsenal fans who, despite being blessed with one of the best media teams in the league, rarely see training ground footage like this.

They all loved it, unsurprisingly, as who doesn’t enjoy seeing what their heroes actually get up to behind the scenes.

A second video however, one over seven minutes long, has really sparked the debate amongst fans.

Getty - Contributor I do hope he isn’t teaching them rugby?[/caption]

It shows footage from Emery’s first training session as the Gunners boss and it’s fair to say that it’s drastically different from what fans were used to under the previous regime.

Unlike his predecessor, Emery is clearly taking more of a hands-on approach to training.

Arsenal players have previously spoken about Wenger only observing sessions, whereas their new Spanish coach seems to be very much involved.

Getty - Contributor Handball, again… this is getting slightly worrying[/caption]

Emery can be seen getting actively involved in drills, playing passes with his players and barking out orders in his ever-improving English.

The coaching staff brought in by the former PSG boss, most notably Juan Carlos Carcedo, can also be seen taking a hands-on approach.

The new assistant manager even chucks on a bloody bib and gets involved with the lads. #Respect.

Granted it’s always nice for fans to see behind the scenes footage from their club, especially Arsenal fans who haven’t been treated to much transparency recently.

It’s difficult to not get a little bit excited and carried away for the new season, it’s only natural.

Some fans however have noted that praising Emery’s training methods is just being used as another way to walk on the grave of Wenger.

Getty Images - Getty Looks pretty involved to me[/caption]

Fans are convinced that the training might actually not be too dissimilar from Wenger’s sessions, with it simply being the level of access for fans which is different.

The footage has become the source of a meme on Twitter, mocking those who are jumping to conclusions about Emery’s training.


Towards the end of his tenure, Wenger could do little right to appease the supporters who were baying for blood.

Despite several big-money signings, the moves failed to please the disgruntled fans.

Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, admittedly Wenger having little involvement with the latter, all failed to make some fans happy.

PA:Empics Sport Pure class…[/caption]

Now the ‘Wenger out brigade’ or WOBs, as they are horrifyingly known as on Twitter, are heaping praise on Emery as another way of doubling down on their former manger.

Arsenal fans just don’t know what to think of it all…