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Isco reveals why Sergio Ramos smells his feet after he scores

We’re all for unique celebrations here at Dream Team.

There’s nothing worse than a generic, uninspired fist pump followed by a group hug.

While we’re all for innovation and experimentation, we’re not entirely convinced with Sergio Ramos and Isco’s new post-goal routine.

What’s going on here then?AFP or licensors

Initially it looked as if Real Madrid’s skipper simply kissed his team-mate’s boot — a classic celebration.

But upon closer inspection, it’s clear that Ramos smells Isco’s foot in the aftermath of a goal.

Fortunately, Isco has provided the much-needed explanation.

“We have a joke between Sergio and me,” he told Marca.

“We say that our feet smell, so when one of us scores we celebrate in that way.”

Whose feet smell worse?REUTERS

Simply as that then.

Isco has made a name for himself in the world of celebrations in recent times.

The celebration below means ‘I love you’ in sign language and the Spanish playmaker does it at the request of a young deaf fan…

This came from… This. Good lad!

Earlier this month, it was reported that Isco annoyed Cristiano Ronaldo when he didn’t immediately run over to acknowledge the Portuguese superstar’s assist after his goal against Las Palmas.

Which may be why he’s now playing it safe with good old-fashioned feet-sniffing.